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Semi-permanant smoothing and formaldehyde-free!

Perfection SmoothOut employs a proprietary nano amino acid complex that safely transforms the internal textural memory of the hair fiber to a smoother, frizz-free, more manageable state that lasts for 8 to 12 weeks. Perfection SmoothOut so significantly improves hair texture, most clients will experience up to a 70% reduction in daily styling time!

Perfection SmoothOut employs an exclusive nano-amino acid complex comprised of special amino acids, heat protective polymers and a unique catalyst.  The nano-amino acid complex penetrates the hair fiber and virtually suspends the hair's textural memory, transforming rough, frizzy hair texture to smooth, sleek, shiny finish without the use of formaldehyde.

Perfection SmoothOut leaves the hair healthy and gorgeous beyond expectations!

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