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L'Oreal Homme Cover 5

Cover 5 is for men who want to maintain their appearance with a clean finish, for a discreet natural result.


It is the first in-salon color service specifically targeted for men that is enriched with incell technology for strength condition.



- Quick: Blends up to 50% grey hair in only 5 minutes

- Discreet: Applied at the shampoo basin for ultimate discretion

- Natural: Blends away the grey hair for a natural result.


Tre Spa Closes - Joins Vita Mutari Salon


It's no April Fool's joke!  Beginning in April, Tre Spa will close it's doors and will join forces with Vita Mutari Salon operating out of their location at 2442 Bissonnet.

The group is led by Carri Winegar, a local Houstonian with over 20 years experience in upscale salons working as a master stylist and educator.

We want to welcome the Tre Spa family and all of their fabulous clients to Vita Mutari Salon!   



A Collaborative Collection of Mixed Media Works by


Stephanie Gonzalez and Julie Worsham

Born in Monterrey N.L. Mexico, Stephanie Gonzalez grew up with her grandparents in Reynosa, Mexico and picked up painting from her grandfather.


She began painting at the age of 14 and later started developing new techniques and experimenting with different mediums. As a child, Gonzalez moved from Georgia to Mexico, then to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.After high school, she moved to Houston, where she currently resides.


Stephanie enjoys creating abstract works that reflect her emotions, freelance logos, murals, interior designs, and she also creates simple twine bracelets. In her work, she uses mixed media such as coffee, wine, aerosol paint, watercolors, acrylics, oil pastels, china ink.


Stephanie received her BFA in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Houston in December, 2011.
She has created works for public collections such as Starwood Hotels - Le Meridien in Saigon, murals for Lot 8, famous designer Chloe Dao's retail boutique in Rice Village, Skyline Art Services, the Make a Wish Foundation, Pearl Bar, and friends commissions.
In addition to these murals, Gonzalez has also participated in many art happenings in Houston and shown her art at various galleries throughout the South Texas area.
She is well versed in many design programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, AutoCAD, Revit, & 3D Studios Max. Stephanie currently works as a full time fine Artist in Houston, TX. 
Stephanie seeks to inspire emotion and touch people’s hearts with her works.



"Everything starts with a feeling. I work with unconventional materials and spend months, sometimes years on my pieces. I explore with the idea of grunge, imperfection and beauty in the disaster. My work, while abstract, attempts to represent specific emotional instances or conflicts that occur within my mind and/or heart and/or “soul.” I would be hard pressed to explain to a viewer what an individual painting or portion of a painting means. My hope is that each viewer will experience some personal connection with a painting that translates into a better understanding of my experience...."    


                                                                                                           - Stephanie Gonzalez 



In this series Stephanie has collaboraetd on many of the pieces with artist and photographer, Julie Worsham.



"Whiskey neat. Photos on film. Designer at heart. Lover of greens.This is my never ending rabbit hole. It's always in progress and never complete. I’m a Pisces baby born March 1980. There’s a beast that lives inside of me, so things like art and photography tame my inner chaos. My mood swings around the weather and music. I prefer things sexy, whimsical, candid, and by hand. Simplicity with dabs of imperfection send me to my “bad is good” happy place.I'm currently based in Los Angeles where I focus on film photography, alternative print techniques, abstract painting, mixed media art, graphic design, then tastefully blending and layering these crafts together. Hopefully the universe keeps sending me more." 


                                                                                                           - Julie Worsham

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